Feeling stuck in your spiritual journey, unsure how to keep moving forward?


Longing for someone to walk alongside you, to listen and care?

Wondering what it would look like to experience God in different ways?

Wanting to engage in new spiritual practices that challenge and inspire you?


If you or someone you know would answer yes to any of the above questions, check out our network! We are a dispersed group of trained spiritual directors who companion others in their “journey of the soul.” Members of our network have received training in a range of Christian spiritual direction traditions, and each one has unique passions, experience and areas of emphasis. In addition to helping others access spiritual soul care and support, we also share about local contemplative events, workshops, and gatherings. Join our North Denver Soul Care Network Facebook Page for updates!

Browse through our Directory to find a director who might be a good fit for you, and contact them directly if you have questions or want to arrange an initial appointment.

For more on NoDe/NDSCN and the history and purpose of spiritual direction, read through our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's).  (Our “Fake” FAQs address common misconceptions about spiritual direction.)